Exams and Consultations

Our veterinary exams are holistic, comprehensive, and thorough. The feedback we have received from clients over the years is appreciation for the time we take to provide recommendations specifically for each patient based on their individual needs and the needs of their family. For new patients, we get copies of all past medical records to review prior to the patient’s first exam. Our veterinary assistant will also ask a series of questions prior to Dr. Wellman’s exam to document patient’s life style, exercise, diet, behavioral concerns, supplements, medications, preventatives, and any concerns pet parent has about patient’s health and or well-being. Dr. Wellman’s exams are gentle and thorough. She takes time to make friends with each and every patient prior to the exam.

We view exams as a time to form a partnership or team for each patient! Where pet parent and vet come together to determine what is a good short term and long term plan for each patient to address any concerns, and to be proactive with finding underlying problems, while still manageable. Our clients appreciate that we not only discuss minor details such as how to clean ears and how often, but also long-term planning, such as when patient should have bloodwork and their next dental.

Pets are stoic and non-speaking, so our goal is to catch minor problems before they become major. The sooner we identify a problem, the easier it is to treat the problem, and most importantly, we can likely manage or cure the condition before your pet feels bad! Quality of life is always our goal!