The entire second floor of Happy Paws Veterinary Hospital is dedicated solely to luxury cat boarding! We offer our feline guests huge spacious rooms with large windows, window hammocks, water fountains, relaxing music, inviting beds, cubbies, and climbing play structures! Lots of extra options available to personalize your kitty’s stay!

    • A variety of “Play options” available for our lively guests
    • “Snuggle love time” for our mature guests.
    • Web cams available
    • Fire place available
  • Felaway and cat nip to help all of our guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our Cat Resort is not only a wonderful place for kitties, we humans also find caring for our kitty guests, relaxing and therapeutic for our souls ;). We love getting to know each and every unique personality. We will make sure your kitty feels loved! It is fun for us to determine how to make each feline guest feel ‘at home’ and loved! They all seem to have their own unique recipe for affection 😉

Our Cat Resort welcomes all kitties of all ages and with health conditions. We are able to provide subcutaneous fluids, injections, and laser therapy. A veterinary exam with Dr. Wellman usually required if guest has medical treatment needs while in our care. Our veterinary clients appreciate this option of almost “luxury hospitalization” for their senior kitties to receive a “tune up” during their stay.

  • Feline guests never interact with kitties from other families.

At Happy Paws Veterinary Hospital, we offer patient forms online so you can complete them in the convenience of your own home or office. Email us your printed and completed forms or you may bring them during your visit.

Fees for our Cat Resort range from 33$ to 55$ a night depending on amenities selected and medications. Call for details!

Cat Resort Boarding Release and Requirements Form – Click Here To Download

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Our Rooms

Our rooms are named after Beloved Wellman kitties.

Honeysuckle’s Room

Beauregard & Brenaden’s Room

Spencer & Moosho’s Room

Boysenberry & Periwinkle’s Room

Petunia’s Room

Basil & Dandelion’s Room